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ICS Ductile Pipe Cutting with Power Grit

Built to provide the best combination of performance and portability for cutting in-ground utility pipe, the 695PG Gas-Powered Utility Chain Saw with PowerGrit® chain will change the way you cut pipe. Providing 6.4 hp at only 21 lbs, the 695PG offers an unmatched power to weight ratio, allowing you to cut up to 16” deep from one side into ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE, and...  

ICS-Hydraulic Saw Servicing and FAQ Video

ICS provides high quality hydraulic equipment for the cutting concrete.  With valuable, productive equipment also comes proper maintenance, click to see the videos made by ICS maintenance tips while operating the hydraulic chainsaw. 

ISC-Gas Saw Servicing and FAQ Video

ICS provides high-quality equipment for the concrete cutting contractor.  With valuable, productive equipment also comes proper maintenance, click to see the videos made by ICS maintenance tips while operating your chainsaw.   

Making Small Opening Cuts with ICS

Not all small openings need to be round. While many small holes are core or stitch drilled, the time saved with a square hole may reduce costs.

Installing Egress Windows with ICS Concrete Chainsaws

Have the ability to add egress windows to additions and basement remodels, with no overcuts and reduced waterproofing issues around windows, click to read more about ICS and the most common application they're used for.  

ICS Concrete Chainsaws Concrete Pipe Tap

While ICS® concrete chainsaws won’t cut round circles, they can easily make 8-sided cuts, providing quick, tight-fitting joints for concrete pipe taps. 

ISC Concrete Cutting Chainsaws FAQ's

Find out the answers to key questions for operating and maintaining a concrete gas or hydraulic chainsaw.  We've highlighted a few of the top questions people ask when starting off with concrete chainsaws...   

ICS Chainsaw Downloadable Sheets

Have access to all ICS parts, datasheets, manuals and more through our resource center.  Whether its the 680GC to 695 series gas powered chainsaws or the more powerful hydraulic 890F4, all available sources available to you.


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