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About Us

Ace Cutting Equipment and Supply Inc.’s founder Ron Measel was operating out of the back of his truck in 1993 selling concrete diamond blades. Fast forward to 2019, a team of 18 operates a 9,500 square foot building in Novi, Michigan where the company is recognized as one of the largest concrete cutting, grinding and coring suppliers of quality equipment and service in Michigan.

Online, Ace Cutting Equipment and Supply Inc. is the top concrete cutting company serving customers across the USA and beyond.

The team is made up of tenured concrete experts with more than a hundred years of combined industry experience in construction from commercial to residential.

Expansion at Ace Cutting Equipment and Supply has always been thoughtful and conscientious by design. Ron Measel’s purpose in growing the company was to provide faultless solutions to customers tackling construction feats that require precision acuity.

Steve Measel created Ace’s online store which has opened new markets nationwide and abroad. He oversees the company’s online and in-store reputation and responsiveness.

Mark Scheurerlein has 35-plus years of experience in the concrete sawing and drilling industry and oversees the demand in the company.

Tim Foss has a quarter of century industry experience and handles outside sales and demonstrations.

Mark “Hank” Hankins is Ace Cutting’s driver and fabricator for the past 15 years.

Our focus is always on offering the best available brands at the most affordable prices.